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Cresswel Crags

Cresswel Crags


Creswell Crags is a spectacular magnesian limestone gorge that straddles the border between Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. It is dotted with a large number of caves, fissures and rock shelters, many of which harboured secrets from our Prehistoric past. Archaeologists have been excavating these caves since the 19th Century, when the Victorians first discovered the artefacts that lay beneath the cave floors. So much material was excavated early on that many of today’s archaeologists now excavate the spoil heaps (rubbish dumps) of previous excavations to find any artefacts which were missed!

Our 9 largest caves are detailed below, but there’s no better way to get to know the caves than by visiting them for yourself!


Walking Trails

Whether you are looking for a quick stroll or a day-long hike, the area has trails to suit your requirements.

Visit our shop for a variety of walking books and maps which highlight some of the surprises the area has to offer. Keep an eye on our events too, as we regularly run guided walks around the local area. Our café is the perfect spot to meet friends and plan your adventure.



Our Museum displays a number of objects unearthed at Creswell Crags. This nationally important collection includes primitive hand tools as well as the remains of several surprising species which you might not have known were regular visitors to Britain.

Artefacts have been sourced and brought together from major British collections to illustrate this most influential period of human history. Let this nationally important exhibition guide you through the story of life in the Ice Age.

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